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Brand Philosophy

Welcome to Island Shop; where Natural Wonder meets Artisanal Fashion. If your heart is where the Island is, buckle up and brace yourselves for a journey like no other!

We are the embodiment of style, comfort and relaxation, and our island life brand philosophy is based on the simple fact that island living offers an exotic escape for tired and weary travelers can go to.

Our passion lies in the craftsmanship of urban luxe apparel that is delicately constructed from materials gifted to us by Mother Nature.

Linen is used most of our pieces due to the exceptional breathability that it offers. With moisture-wicking properties, spend your day in comfort and style, without worrying about being uncomfortable or uneasy.

We want you to feel the wind in your hair, the breeze in your face, and the sand in between your toes. We want to bring you comfort and revitalization, even in a bustling city.

Here, the gateway to A World of Euphoria and Rejuvenation rests at your fingertips.

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